Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill   

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Take Your Open Water Swimming
To the Next Level

mental training

How? Mental training is the answer - it's the only way to get the edge over competitors who are doing the same training as you.

Open water or ocean swimmers require a completely different type of mental toughness to pool swimmers, as there are completely different aspects and challenges they face when out there in the open water.

Major issues ocean swimmers look to mental training for, include:

  • handling extreme pain

  • dealing with water currents and heavy swells

  • swimming strongly in cold water temperatures

  • overcoming extreme nervousness

  • intimidation from other swimmers

  • moving beyond doubts, fears or anxiety about the ocean conditions

  • mastering negative doubts / fears about endurance levels for the race

  • dealing with worries about sharks

  • encountering hallucinations while out there swimming long distances

  • and many others

I worked with a lot of open water and ocean swimmers over the years, including several swimmers who swam the English Channel - and I discovered they all had these same types of challenges and fears to deal with.

As long distance / open water / ocean swimmers are out there in the water for so long, they literally become immersed in their own thoughts - and this can be tough, as the conscious mind loves nothing more than to challenge you by throwing your greatest fears at you while you swim (and often before you swim as well).

Using the element of distraction can be a handy technique while out there in the water, as keeping your mind away from negative thoughts can be a powerful way of keeping your mind off the pain, or worrying about uncontrollables.

'Distraction' means keeping your mind busy and away from negative thoughts, thinking thoughts unrelated to your swimming - eg. going through lists of things in your mind, such as your favorite movies, books, etc.

However, some issues you encounter under the stress of open water swimming can be extremely difficult unless your mind is programmed for mental toughness, before you even go out there to race. This is where mental training comes in.

For many years, I created hypnosis / visualization recordings to help open water / ocean swimmers mentally prepare for their races - which:

  • reduce pain during your ocean swim

  • can warm your body during swimming in cold temperatures

  • overcomes negative thoughts, doubts, fears or anxiety while swimming

  • and many other intangible benefits that only open water swimmers would encounter, and that only mental training can help with.

Your mind is like an enormous computer, which can be 'programmed' for the open water performance you want in your next ocean swim - and the most powerful way to do this is with a blend of visualization, hypnotic suggestion and relaxation.

If we do not take steps to control our performance, our performance can control us - through self-sabotage, which often happens under the pressure of race performance.

Visualization is mentally imagining the way you wish to swim at the big meets - with vivid reality, so that it programs these images into your memory bank and muscle memory for when you need to access them under the pressure of the big open water or ocean swims.

The subconscious can also create your peak open water swimming performances by clicking you into the mental state known as the Zone, the state where your movements flow effortlessly on autopilot and you achieve great results with less effort.

Your subconscious is the ultimate swimmer - it knows exactly what you need to do, to swim at your optiumum level out there, and mental training is the most powerful way to get in touch with it.

Eventually, after years of creating customized recordings for distance swimmers, I decided to create a mainstream open water hypnosis / visualization recording, that includes all the important aspects for any open water swimmer to use - the Mind Training for Open Water Swimmers Audio Program.

This recording can quickly deliver strong results in ocean swimming by transforming your confidence levels and providing mental strength at the times when you need it most.  

This program allows open water competitors to fit their mental training into their daily routine at any time of the day, in the privacy and convenience of their own home.

The main reasons why it works so effectively is because:

  • The Visualization Can Be Tailored Perfectly To Your Next Event - the visualization allows you to visualize yourself approaching the race any way you desire, imagining the exact scene of the race, the water, etc.

  • Automatic Relaxation - the recording places you into an easy and automatic state of relaxation perfect for visualization (and also teaches you how relax in case you need to do a quick visualization at a meet).

  • Helps Overcome Extreme Pre-Race Nerves - the recording's hypnotic suggestions are designed to help overcome chronic nervousness before open water or ocean races.

  • Hypnotic Subsconscious Suggestions - the daily recording contains powerful hypnotic suggestions for endurance, resilience, power, relaxation, confidence, health and improvement, which your subconscious acts upon - 24/7.

  • The Visualization Becomes More Powerful Each Day! - the hypnotic suggestions have been designed to make the recording become stronger and more effective by the day.

The Mind Training for Open Water Swimmers mp3 program is enormously powerful - including the
daily visualization recording for ocean swimmers with hypnotic suggestions which work 24/7 to accelerate the speed of results, plus 45 minutes of detailed information on the mind/body connection and 2 major techniques (which is extracted from the original Mind Training for Swimmers Visualization program). The cost for the instant download is only $29.95 - or $7 more for the CD - lifetime benefits for the cost of lunch!

The mp3 now includes FREE Night-time Subliminal Ocean Swim Hypnosis (valued at $25) - improve your open water swimming while you go to sleep to the sound of relaxation music while your subconscious absorbs the positive subliminal swim suggestions.   

Needless to say, the program has my usual personal guarantee - a 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee for 12 months!  If you're not 100% impressed with the program, you can have it refunded a any time within a year of purchase.

To order the mp3 instant download, simply click the button below for our secure server - you order will be processed immediately, and you will receive immediate instructions on your screen to download the program, plus you will recieve an email receive from Pay Pal.   A one-year money-back guarantee if you don't love it!  




I look forward to hearing from you about how the hypnosis / visualization recording and mental training info has worked for you in your open water or ocean swimming.

All the best of success!


Craig Townsend, who runs Swim Psychology.com
Craig Townsend (Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis)
Director - It's Mind over Matter

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