Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill   

mental training in swim training mental training in swim meets
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Custom Made Hypnosis / Visualization Recordings for Swimmers

The Personalized Hypnosis for Your Exact Needs

Swimmers are all different - and often require a personalised, custom made approach to their mental training - which is why I create hypnosis / visualization recordings every week for all kinds of swimmers, triathletes and for other sports as well - which can be done within even just a few days.

These recordings are designed to be targeted specifically to you - to help you achieve your goals, overcome any particular problems, and deal with aspects such as nerves, intimidation, concentration, belief etc, as well as create automatic reactions and a powerful new mindset.  These recordings often include some (or all) of the following areas:

  • belief
  • nerves and nervousness
  • concentration
  • motivation
  • intimidation
  • power
  • accuracy
  • speed
  • consistency
  • training routines
  • overcoming bad habits
  • create new automatic responses
  • mental clarity
  • fitness
  • discipline
  • nutrition

No matter what your events are, or the issues you need to deal with - I personalize the recording specifically to you - and you are a part of the process as well, because you edit the various drafts of the script while I am creating it, to make sure it is personalized perfectly to your situation.  Once it is ready, you give me the final "OK" to record the script, and next thing you have the recording, downloaded onto your computer, phone, mp3 player, or even on CD.

These custom made CDs contain personalised hypnotic suggestions and visualization created specifically for yourself, and tailored to your exact personal needs.  

These recordings - including the writing / editing / recording / and uploading of your personal script, normally costs just $149.95 - but for the next month, they are available at the special price of just $69.95 - so don't miss out!

As well as the main hypnosis / visualizaiton recording I create for you - I also provide 2 free additional recordings, for additonal reinforcement (valued at $45) - a night-time subliminal (you drift to sleep to the sound of relaxation music, while your mind absorbs your own personal hypnotic suggestions playing subliminally and silently on the track underneath the music), and also a motivational recording you can listen to before a race.

If you wish to purchase one of these custom made hypnosis recordings, simply click the button below to get started - once you have ordered, email me with as much detailed information about what you exactly need from the recording - and I will get to work!  If you would prefer to discuss your needs with me first, you can contact me here.