Develop An Expectation to Succeed

Swimmers don't get what they deserve - they get what they expect.

This is because our deepest expectations tend to become reality - due to our subconscious belief system being so enormously powerful, and overriding most other mental programs for our body. This is one of the Laws of mind and body.

So in order to get this law working for you (and not against you), it means it is highly important that you actively work on creating a mindset of optimism. This way of thinking eventually permeates the subconscious and becomes your natural response to everything life throws at you.

To repeat this in plainer English: If you practice being optimistic, it becomes a part of your powerful belief system (to expect the best) and this vastly improves your results. Soon you will find you are expecting the best before every race - and this is exactly what positive, optimistic, determined swimmers usually get.

The fact is - those who expect the worst are almost always right! This is because they have already programmed themselves for a bad result, and this works very effectively - time and time again until (and if) the swimmer manages to change their outlook on swimming. Interestingly, people who think negatively also tend to attract friends who also think this way - and this group is not usually highly successful.

Similarly, positive upbeat swimmers tend to attract other positive upbeat swimmers as friends - and this group is usually full of high achievers. It's no great secret that positive will always triumph over negative in the long run.

Champion swimmers are always, at the deepest level, optimistic about their chances (regardless of what they tell the press!). Because of their tremendous faith in their own ability, they know that even against the odds, they always have a chance - and let's face it, a chance is all a champion usually needs.

We get what we expect, not what we deserve. History is strewn with examples of people who put in all the work but never got the grand payback - if only they'd known how to work with their minds - and mostly importantly, the fact that 'the mind controls the body', not the other way around.

How do you foster a mindset of optimism? By constantly working at it - consciously focusing upon the positive, and also watching what you are saying and thinking - and correcting each negative statement or thought you make, with a positive alternative.

I don't have time to go into this in-depth here, but as an example - in my more complete Ebook Program, I put the swimmers on a strict Mental Diet where they have to watch - and cancel out - every single negative thought for a month!

Being around positive people also makes this much, much easier, as they usually make you feel positive and optimistic anyway, just being in their company. Keep away from negative people as they will never help you achieve your dreams - they will only be jealous of anything you achieve.

So many examples of the past have proven that the critical, negative or jealous outlook only brings disaster (and I am certain you are far too smart to be one of these) however if you feel you need to improve your belief and mindset, begin work on becoming a more upbeat, inspirational person - it will transform your swimming - and your life.

"The Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited".

The best of success,
Craig Townsend