Bring Mental Training Into Your Swimming Life

You have now had basic lessons in the mind/body relationship in swimming, visualization, affirmations, positive thinking and also getting into the mental state known as The Zone.

That's a heck of a lot of info in a short time - but this valuable information alone will not improve your times - the key is now implementing it into your life, and not just putting it aside as something to do 'sometime in future'. Let's face it, even the greatest swimming advice from Michael Phelps will not help you if you do not put it into practice! The most powerful time there will ever be is now.

This is where your discipline must come in - as mental training must become just as much an important part of your daily swimming training as your physical workouts are - but luckily for you, it doesn't take nearly as much time! Remember that this is a secret weapon you will have over your competitors, so take full advantage of it.

So let's quickly go over what you need to do - first of all, you need to visualize your perfect swim each and every day, in a relaxed state - in a place where you won't be interrupted, for 5 to 10 minutes. This works on so many levels I cannot list them here - but the quickest thing I can say is that it helps you build a powerful level of inner belief within you - and belief can truly move mountains!

Now, I really cannot tell you how important that particular lesson is. Even if you completely ignored every other lesson, this is the one you absolutely must do without question if you want to improve further and get the edge on the competition. Those who do this exercise quite simply decides who's the best, and who's the rest.

Now, if you have any trouble doing this exercise, or difficulty with the relaxation part of the exercise (which many swimmers do) - my Mind Training for Swimmers MP3 program is just the trick to helping you master this, as I have designed it to guide you through every single part of the swim visualization exercise. (And yes, there's also mind/body, visualization and affirmation info on the recording too).

Secondly, begin using affirmations during your training, and also before every single race for 5 minutes or more. These are a fabulous way of overcoming those destructive self-doubts that can bombard you right before you go out to race. Remember to make these affirmations short, positive and present tense - no room to explain why here but this is very important. And absolutely no negative words are allowed in your mantra, such as "I won't lose"!

Also, begin working on becoming the sort of positive, upbeat person (like the champions are) who always seem to get the breaks, and absolutely steer clear of any of those classic negative, complaining-type of people who rarely achieve anything, and who are looking for someone else to blame (as just being around these people can have a negative affect!). 

For those interested in discovering a lot more about the one month Mental Diet and changing negative thoughts to positive, see my complete Mind Training for Swimmers Ebook Program.

Being positive and staying away from negative thoughts is essential - as the truth is that negative people simply never succeed at anything - and they have a nasty habit of dragging others down with them. Only by developing a powerful outlook of optimism can you hope to achieve your ultimate dreams.

Last of all, practice being more instinctive in the water and allowing your body to access the awesome power within your subconscious, rather than always consciously swimming as you do when you are practicing a new skill (such as you do when learning a new kick or turn - and needless to say, if you are learning a new skill, this is the time when you want to swim consciously!).

These are the basic principles of swimming success, and while there is still a lot more for you to know, these basic principles have turned many average swimmers into great swimmers. You are far more powerful than you can possibly know, and by using these techniques you can improve your times beyond your imagination.

So begin now, go forth and begin to show the world what you can do.

This very basic program is a small extract of information from the complete Mind Training for Swimmers Ebook Program. If you wish to go deeper into mental training and take it to the next level, click through for info on the complete version of my Ebook Program.

"The Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited".

The best of success,
Craig Townsend