Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

- Napoleon Hill   

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Are you a better swimmer than your results are showing?

- Great in swimming training, but not receiving the rewards?

- Fabulous swimming technique / strokes, but losing to lesser swimmers?

- Does your confidence disappear at the big swim meets?

- Do you worry too much about your competitors?

- Do you sometimes even feel physically sick on the day of a swim meet?

- Or are you an elite swimmer who is simply trying to move to the next level?

You're not alone - and don't worry, it's not too late to achieve your dreams!

swimming psychology helps improve swimming technique and strokes, which improves swim training and swim meet results
Mental strength is a major aspect that separates one swimmer from another.

Swimmers all over the world tell me they feel they could be getting better results for all the work they are putting in at swim training, and for their great swimming technique.

Yet the simple fact is that lack of results are most often due to their mind being untrained for success.

As a top international swimmer once said:

In training everyone focuses on 90% physical and 10% mental, but in the races its 90% mental - because there's very little that separates us physically at the elite level".

If you're putting in the work at swimming training (and possibly a great swimming strokes and technique) but not getting the payback for all your hard work.

Or if you suffer from extreme nervousness, negative thoughts, or intimidation in the big swim meets, it's usually because your mind is sabotaging your performance (and this is very common in swimmers).

You see, your mind either works for you, or against you, just depending upon how you've "programmed" it!

Or possibly you are already a highly successful swimmer, but know that even though your results are good, they could be even better - and you are looking for that last piece of the jigsaw puzzle which will take your times to the stratosphere.

I run Mind Training for Swimmers programs from Sydney, Australia (see my bio in the FAQ later) and I know that ANY swimmer can dramatically improve their times through mental training!

The first crucial step to getting better times, results or even just swimming faster, is to develop is a deep, inner belief in your own ability, and this is best achieved through a consistent daily mental training program, which only takes about 10 minutes!

Mental training is easy, anyone can do it. Here are some of the benefits of mental training in competitive swimming ....

Massive Benefits Of Mental Training in Competitive Swimming....

  • Improving your times without training any harder

  • Reduced nervousness before your races

  • Less pain and fatigue during your swimming races
  • A lack of concern about your swim competitors

  • Swimming great times effortlessly, on cruise-control

  • Improving swimming technique and overcoming stroke problems quickly

  • A deep inner belief in yourself and your swimming abilities
  • A calm, clear mind and a feeling of real confidence on the block

  • Greater inner strength / physical energy

  • Strong and more consistent performances in swim meets

  • Vibrant health and a positive outlook on life

  • Consistently achieving your new goals

  • A deep inner belief in yourself and your swimming abilities

Not to mention it stays with you forever.....

Common Swim Problems You Can Overcome using Mental Training!

All of these classic competitive swimming problems below can be overcome - do you need to overcome any of these?

  • Slumps in form / No personal best times for a long period

  • Extreme nervousness / lack of belief in yourself

  • Chronic pain or sickness during races, tiredness and fatigue outside of the pool

  • Regularly recurring swimming problems of all kinds

  • Overcoming swimming technique and stroke problems

  • Training harder and harder in practice, but still getting no results

  • Doubts, fears, worries and anxiety, worrying about what others think

  • Intimidation from another swimmer

  • Inconsistency in swim meet results, and swim training

  • Swimming faster in practice - slower times in swim meets than in swimming training

  • Worrying about the uncontrollables you cannot change (eg. the number of swimmers in the warm-up pool)

  • Illnesses always occuring just before swim meets
Yes, these can all be overcome through mental training !
Sure Signs of Mental Training in Competitive Swimming.....

What are some sure signs of mental strength in competitive swimming? They include the ability to:

  • pull out a fabulous swim when the pressure is truly on

  • come from behind to clinch a close victory from the jaws of failure

  • overcome major distractions and still perform at your best

  • swimming a fabulous time effortlessly

  • showing your great swimming training form (and technique) in the swim meets, where it counts most!

This is why elite swimmers often appear to swim on cruise control, while their competitors seem to expend more energy, without achieving the times!

These are just a few of the amazing swim stories I have had the privilege to be involved with:

  • A teenage girl swam a personal best time every day for 30 days.

  • A 16 year old swimmer took 12 seconds off his Personal Best Time.

  • A Masters swimmer won the World Championship Surf LifeSaving Championships.

  • A young swimmer overcame severe illness to win 3 races and make the National team.

  • A 17 year old won his first swim meet from only 3 weeks of swimming training, after having been off swim training for 9 months with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome......

Basically this is to say that regardless of the problem - with mental training, anyone can achieve their dreams in swimming.............

Improve Your Times, Without Training Any Harder!

Believe it or not, it's actually possible to improve your times even without making any changes to your existing swimming training - whatsoever! Many of the swimmers I've worked with have reported this.

You see, training your mind (as well as your body) can transform your results quite effortlessly! This is because your mind controls your body (not the other way around).

This means that when it's trained correctly, it allows your body to swim much more efficiently, powerfully and effortlessly - bringing your competitive swimming times down faster and easier than ever before (this is great news because most of your competitors only train their bodies).

Mental training can help any swimmer. It doesn't matter whether you're an Olympic swimmer, a young "bullet performer", a long or short distance swimmer, or an open water or Masters swimmer, mental training can bring your times down!

The most powerful performances in competitive swimming occur when you are in a mental state known around the world as 'the Zone'.......

Discover "The Zone"

The mental state known as 'The Zone' produces the absolute peak of your competitive swimming capabilities - where your swim feels virtually effortless, like you simply cannot do a thing wrong!

This is when your highly powerful subconscious mind controls your swimming strokes and ensures your technique is perfect, rather than the (much weaker) conscious mind, which is what most swimmers use (and which is responsible for most of their problems).

The great thing about it is that most people have no idea how to get into the Zone - which is why mental training can create a major advantage over your competitors!

So are you using your conscious or subconscious mind when you are swimming?

A sure way of knowing the answer is by looking at your recent results in big swim meets.

Regardless of where you're at, learning to use your subconscious more efficiently can improve your results and get you into the winners circle more often.

The Competitive Swimmer's Only True Secret Weapon

FACT: Most swimmers are training only the physical side of their swimming (ie. improving strokes and technique, dryland work, etc) and usually ignore the mental (subconscious) side completely.

This is actually great news (for you) - as this means that you can have a secret weapon on your side which your competitors won't have!

While some swimmers plod along using the same old methods (and getting the same old recurring results) this program brings about positive, powerful change in the most potent area, your mind - which is the control-center of all your swimming performances.

Only the mentally tough are a true force against the top swimmers, because it is such a huge advantage to have, in a sport where a hundredth of a second is an eternity.

The Only Proof Is In Your Results!

swimming psychology helps improve swimming technique and strokes
swimmer pain, nerves,
intimidation, and
lack of belief
through mental

It took 7 years of extensive experimentation and research before this mental training program delivered consistently great results.

Many techniques such as visualization had to be specially tailored and specialized to suit swimmers otherwise they simply didn't work, as swimmers have a unique outlook quite unlike most other athletes.

I found from my clients that other programs generally did not provide this specialized approach to competitive swimming they were seeking.

I believe the only proof of a product can be measured in its results (not theories or hype), and when I was finally ready to launch the complete program.

To my delight, fabulous results just began flowing in, one after another, from swimmers of all ages, standards and styles. Results in swim meets simply do not lie.

Not only did their results and swimming times dramatically improve, but many also overcame huge long-term problems that they'd often had in their swimming for months and years.

Nervousness, intimidation, negative thoughts, lack of belief, overwhelming pain, even technique and stroke problems they had been working on for ages....all these problems simply began to magically dissolve and fade away, leaving inner confidence and control in their place.

Fast-Track Your Swim Success

I built this program to be very easy to use (which was absolutely essential), and also so it could be personally tailored to each swimmer's individual needs, and used in as little as 5-10 minutes a day.

Every step of the journey is clearly explained and signposted - covering literally everything you should ever need to know about mental training in your swimming career, both for right now - plus I also created it so it will take care of you in the future, as well.

After years of using this program for my private swimming clients (only), it is now available to yourself and the general public for the first time, for those who've been searching for a major edge over their swimming competitors.

To do this, I put the entire Mind Training for Swimmers Program (all 44,542 words of it!) into a jam-packed, instantly-downloadable 'ebook', to help swimmers overcome almost any problem they may encounter - which can be downloaded onto your computer for your immediate use.

This competitive swimming Program is the choice of many head coaches and swimmers around the world, and also many US University competitive swimming programs.

It also INCLUDES your automatic ongoing membership and instant access to the huge mental training archive on this site (consisting of 200+ swim articles on mental training)- of which over 70 of these articles were printed in the Journal of the Australian Swim Teachers and Coaches Association (ASCTA), virtually the heartbeat of Australian competitive swimming.

The Mind Training for Swimmers Program gives you:

    A complete step by step mental training program

    Allows you to personally tailor your own mental training program for your swimming

    Easy techniques allow you to
    pre-program your swimming in your mind, regardless of the event

    Helps overcome extreme pre-race nerves

    Teaches you powerful pre-race exercises to use before swimming races

    Teaches you how to overcome intimidation from other swimmers

    Shows you how to protect yourself from being upset by competitors

    Increases your true inner belief in yourself and your swimming

    Teaches you how to overcome pain in races and practice

    Becomes more powerful each day, and provides you with empowering knowledge to handle virtually any situation.

    Shows you how to access 'the Zone'

    Helps overcome swimming technique and stroke problems

    Secrets not available anywhere else in the world - this gives you the edge over other swimmers.

    Program available to use immediately after downloading it, all within 5 minutes!

    Provides you instant access to the masssive Mental Training Archive of 185+ articles covering every possible swim situation - plus receiving regular new tips emailed direclty to you, keeping you updated with the very latest info (valued at $30 but yours free with the purchase of the Ebook Program). 

    1 Year Money back guarantee if you're not satisfied!

    You can also personally tailor each mental training session to perfectly suit your next swim meet.

Swimming Testimonials

Here's what others have had to say about the Program.....

"This eBook program is full of great ideas and thoughts and has been written for swimmers. I believe this is an excellent book for senior swimmers, but to me it is a much needed book for swimming coaches.

Although the book has been written for swimmers it could be used for anyone involved in competitive sport. In all, a great 'ebook' that could assist any coach in any sport and competitors."
Peter Ruddock
* Aust. National Accreditation Swimming Coach Level III
* Life Member Aust.Swimming Coaches Association Victorian Branch
* Convenor Victorian Swimming Coaches' Education Committee 15 yrs
Australian Swimming Coaches' Association Award for "Contribution to Teaching of Swimming".

"I was having trouble competing against bigger, older, and stronger swimmers. Thanks in part to your mental training exercises, I have been able to drop a good amount of time in my events!

My season was interrupted so it was very difficult to taper properly for the state meet - I used your book to help me focus on what I needed to do to accomplish my goals, not pleasing others or meeting time standards out of my range.

In the past, people told me I was tense but didn't offer me a way to cope with nerves, and your book gave me the tools I could use.

At the state meet I dropped a good amount of time, better than I could have imagined considering the awkward taper situation. Even better, I felt very in control of myself on deck and in the water.

So thanks for the putting in the time to write a book so useable to someone as young as I am, and I hope you keep writing more books like this".
Joshua Jackson, CA, USA

"The program is amazing! I've noticed a major improvement in my confidence, and I find I'm no longer worrying about things before a swimming race so much.

I actually look forward to doing the visualization exercise, and I couldn't be happier with my results! Thanks again".
Stuart Meares, former World Champion - Masters Surf Life Saving Championships, Australian Masters National Record Holder 100m Individual Medley

"Dear Craig:
I bought your ebook Mind Training for Swimmers with some trepidation never having bought an ebook before and not being a swimmer.

I am 52 years old and just learning how to swim for the first time. I was hoping your book would help me even though I am not swimming competitively and indeed it has.

I continually apply your techniques and I have done amazingly well in the pool. My first formal swimming lesson was September 10, 2008. I have had eight lessons to date and I practice three times per week.

I have learned the front crawl (freestyle), the backstroke, the elementary backstroke and I am currently learning the breaststroke. I have even successfully done kneeling and standing dives!

I know what needs work (especially the front crawl) and work on those areas while simultaneously applying the numerous techniques you present in your book. I am learning and improving constantly and I feel like a champion.

My instructors and the lifeguards are all in their 20’s; they are very proud of the progress I have made. My husband and I swim together; he encourages me and is very proud of me.

So, perhaps you thought your book was only for competitive swimmers, but it applies to beginners as well. I know I would not have come this far this fast without your book.

Thanks so much!
Very truly yours,"
Alene Scoblete

swimming psychology helps improve swimming technique and strokes
Secret! Elite swimmers and athletes train both body and mind.

Try The Swim Program Without Risk

Because of the results I have received from the Mind Training for Swimmers Program (a program which cannot be obtained anywhere else), I have complete faith in this product - and so it comes with a no-risk 100% Instant Money-Back Guarantee for 12 months.

Basically this means that if you're not 100% impressed with the program, it can be easily returned any time within a year of purchase for a full refund - with no questions asked.

So if this program doesnt fulfill every one of your mental training needs in the pool, simply contact me (through our website contact form) to be issued a full refund!

So try the 'Mind Training for Swimmers' program right away without risk - then thoroughly read it, apply all the techniques in the program (for the time-periods recommended) - and then please, if you're still not satisfied with your swimming improvement, return it immediately for a full refund.

I only want this complete program to be used by those swimmers who have truly appreciated its benefits to their competitive swimming - and these benefits are not just attitude improvements but very definite time improvements.

The Ebook 'PDF' format makes the program far more affordable than the numerous private consultations it once cost to receive all this information, plus it makes this information instantly available to you, if you are seeking 'the edge' over your competitors right away.

The ebook format has allowed me to make this swimming program available for $29.95. The true value of the Mind Training for Swimmers Program is that mental training remains with you forever.

The continued benefits you gain from having this knowledge, power you along for the rest of your swimming career! It creates never-ending future benefits - because if you continue to use the same old methods as before, you will always continue to get the same old results.

And don't forget you will ALSO get INSTANT access to the huge archive of mental training swimming tips on all subjects (including overcoming nerves, pain, intimidation, all the best mind techniques, etc) - PLUS you will continue to receive the latest information with brand new swimming tips.

Success Secrets - Yours In Just 5 Minutes! Instantly Downloadable Swimmers eBook Program

You can try the Mind Training for Swimmers Program, as there's no risk whatsoever except the risk of massive swimming improvement! It's never too late to achieve your swimming dreams - go forth and conquer!

After your purchase, your download instructions will appear immediately on the screen and also by email (and your receipt will be sent to you immediately by email).

Plus, you will be instantly able to access our huge archive of tips for your immediate perusal, using the passwords that will be emailed to you immediately.

Remember, you can always return the book and receive an immediate refund within 12 months if you decide it's not for you.

To order securely online (and receive the Ebook Program immediately) click the button below.


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I look forward to hearing your swimming success stories about how these programs improved your swimming times, overcame your nervousness, helped you win a major swim meet..... whatever your story may be!

Let me know, plus don't forget to check out the huge archive of information waiting for you right now after your order.

And always remember, "the Mind controls the body, and the mind is unlimited".

All the best of success!


Craig Townsend, who runs Swim Psychology.com
Craig Townsend
(Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis)
Director - It's Mind over Matter

P.S. You will gain instant access to the Mind Training for Swimmers Mental Training Archive.

After your purchase, your download instructions will appear immediately on the screen, and also sent by email (and your receipt will be sent to you immediately by email).

After receiving the program, you must be 100% satisfied or you receive a full, immediate refund, absolutely no questions asked.
Please note this is a mental training program using various methodologies, and does not use psychology or sports psychology in its program.